Upcoming Events

  • Smart City & Digital Twin

    Sign up to our upcoming event on Smart City & Digital Twin broadcasted live from our new IX Studios!

  • Intelligent Empowerment with AI Strategy - Innovation Exchange

    Intelligent Empowerment with AI Strategy

    Session demonstrating how you can define your own AI strategy for business improvement and decision-making process to bring gains in productivity, engagement and overall optimisation of processes.

  • Ethics - Solving the Dilemma of Innovation - Innovation Exchange

    Ethics – Solving the Dilemma of Innovation

    Intelligence innovations will be presenting various ethical concerns for society: fairness and security will feature, and then discuss the role of human existence

  • Successfully Operationalise Machine Learning - Innovation Exchange

    Successfully Operationalise Machine Learning

    How do you make AI and ML work in the real-world. Find out how collaboration and communication between data scientists and operations professionals can be implemented to deliver the ML project lifecycle.

  • Digital Transformation - Its Less Tech and More About Culture - Innovation Exchange

    Digital Transformation – It’s Less Tech and More About Culture

    A digital strategy for businesses is key to repositioning in response to the rapid digital and dynamic economy. Continuous innovation, adopting refined operating and business models and leveraging emerging technology is the new culture!

  • Advanced Innovations - So, What's trending? - Innovation Exchange

    Advanced Innovations – So, What’s Trending?

    What's trending? Industry 4.0, our fourth industrial revolution brings a plethora of technology influencing human-machine, machine-machine, and human-human connectivity across the world. How are we going to work with them?

  • Future is Quantumised - Innovation Exchange

    Future is Quantumised

    Quantum has many states, it can store and process more information faster than a super computer. What happens when Quantum becomes a general technology ? How will everyday innovations be optimised?

  • Why Are We Going Spacetech - Innovation Exchange

    Why Are We Going Spacetech

    Space holds secrets to many areas that we never imagined before. It encapsulates our health, education, to the planets well-being, land and water resources management. Spacetech helps with weather forecasting and disaster management.

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